A Flat in Town

Property Management and Letting Service

Benefits of our Service

A Flat In Town has developed the management service we offer to requests landlords have made over the years. We have taken on board feedback and through extensive experience have pulled together several key features that we feel landlords most appreciate.

These key features are outlined below but mainly they consist of the idea that a small, boutique agency can offer a level of service not matched by the larger agencies. We have the systems in place to be selective in our approach to signing on tenants, keep a close eye on our properties and give the personal service and advice to landlords that can be so key in maintaining your investment. Crucially our excellent staff to property ratio means that you receive a superior letting experience.

  • We do not require you to sign a sole agency agreement, which leaves you free to advertise with several agencies. We do not charge for initial advertising, unless you have specifically requested advertising outwith our normal channels. These normal channels include advertising on our website, on Zoopla, Gumtree and Lettingweb and their affiliated sites, as well as putting up a board, if appropriate. Nearly all agents in Edinburgh use these routes so if a tenant is looking for a rental flat, they will find yours.
  • A Flat In Town understands that different landlords like different levels of service and we pride ourselves on being flexible to meet those needs. Many of our landlords live abroad and we are relied upon to manage on every aspect of the let; others live in Edinburgh and like to be involved with the day to day running of the flat. For example, some landlords appreciate a monthly email to inform them of any issues that have arisen and a photograph of any maintenance work carried out once we have inspected it. Other landlords are happy for us to take over the running of the property completely, trusting us to make appropriate decisions and prefer a greater distance from their investment. We will discuss what works best for you and act accordingly.
  • By offering long term, short term and festival lets for all our properties, we have the ability to respond to your changing circumstances. For example, some properties are vacated just prior to the Edinburgh Festival. We can advertise for short lets for this period to capitalise on your investment and restart long term lets in the month of September.
  • We are a small office that has a very hands on approach to work. We are available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies and like to know all of our tenants and flats so that if there are any problems we can react quickly and resolve the issue.  The office is not divided into different departments so a landlord can call up with a question, whether that be related to a maintenance or financial issue, and speak to the same person. We have received a lot of feedback from landlords previously with larger agencies that they appreciate this approach.
  • We take great care in choosing our tenants and have never had a ‘first come, first served’ approach. It is important to us to match the right tenants to the right flat so that both you and they are happy for the duration of the let.  We have found this results in longer tenancies and properties that are routinely returned in better condition.

We are pleased to say that the majority of our new landlords come to us through recommendation. Our reputation is crucial to us and we consistently work hard to maintain it. We have never been focused on rapid expansion looking outwards to bringing on new clients, instead it is important to us to retain our existing clients and grow steadily, never compromising on service.